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July 20, 2006

StillSecure, After all these years, Podcast #7

This is episode 7 of StillSecure, After all these years.  In tonights show we discuss Meetinghouse/Cisco pulling out of the TCG, open source software being used by hackers and the upcoming Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas.  I also have two special guests tonight.  The first is renowned venture capitalist, techno-geek and blogger, Brad Feld. We are joined by the founder and CEO of Clickcaster, Scott Converse.  We discuss all things related to podcasting, blogging, etc. 

This was my first time interviewing two people at once and I had the microphone set too sensitive.  You may hear one or two of my young sons in the background from 3 rooms away.  Sorry, but was unable to filter out. I may be just being hyper sensitive to it though. 

Tonights music is from Jon Schmidt again and is entitled To the Summit.  You can hear more of Jon's music at  http://jonschmidt.com

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Icon_enclosure_music_7 http://clickcaster.com/resource/audio/stillsecure-after-all-these-years-podcast-7.mp3


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