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August 30, 2006

So who would you rather wake up next too?

Medusa_1 So Mike Rothman (or should I call him Robin Gibb) has an issue with theHeidiklum_1  10 most important reasons security products don't work according to Dark Reading and the fact that I thought it helpful.  OK Mike, everyone is entitled to their opinions.  Mike says the problem is you go to bed thinking you are with Heidi Klum and wake up with Medusa. But I do detect some bias here.  First of all , against Dark Reading, as it appears Mike had some pre-conceived notions here.  Secondly and more troubling is the blame the vendor mentality.  I get that we are couching this in mismatched expectations, but when Mike digs in, it is always the job of the vendor to set expectations and we slimy vendors lie, cheat and steal our way into your hard won security dollars.  I don't know Mike, maybe you have been hanging out with the wrong crowd of security vendors and then I can see why you ran back to analysis.  Maybe, you are pandering to your constituency, the end user. What I can tell you, is don't paint us all with the same broad brush.  We try very hard here at StillSecure and I know other vendors do, to solve the customers problems.  To quote Chris Hoff, this "ain't my first ride on the tuna boat fella" and I know that I may fool a customer initially but sooner or later he is going to see through whether my product does the job for him or not. You can fool all of the people some of the time, but you only get to fool them once then.  Sell them a product yeah, we have end of quarter pressure and quotas to meet like everyone else.  Companies who stick around though build their business being honest with the customer and not pumping and dumping. 

Most of the problems I have seen in easily fall into one of the 10 categories the Dark Reading folks have highlighted.  Sometimes they are the vendors fault, sometimes they are the end user's fault.  We could all do a better job and that includes mismatched expectations.  But there are plenty of honest vendors out there who want to do more business with the customers in the future and know that they build those kind of relationships one sale at a time.


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