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November 01, 2006

We know where you live ... and now how much it is worth

In another sign of how much of our privacy and anonymity is being sacrificed to the digital world comes Zillow.com.  Zillow allows you to put in any address and zoom in on a Google maps type of map and see the value of the house.  Want to see how much your neighbors house is worth, sure. Your bosses house, your co-workers, your competition, maybe.  Want to see how much anyone's house is worth, just get their address.  I am not saying there are not legitimate uses for this technology, but there is just something about it that irritates the edges of my consious.  I wonder what Captain Privacy McKeay thinks about it.

As a follow up, now comes word that a group called the National Community Reinvestment Coalition has filed a complaint with the FTC charging that Zillow discriminates against black and Latino communities and are so inaccurate as to be downright fraudulent.  I am sure that does not sit well with the VC's who have invested about 57 million in Zillow.  Lets see what happens.


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