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December 30, 2006

StillSecure, After all these years, Podcast #26 - Biggest Security Stories of 2006

Happy_new_year Episode 26 of StillSecure, After all these years is a year end wrap up of the biggest security stories of 2006.  It is a little different than most, in that Mitchell and I have asked some of our good blogging and podcasting friends to give us their biggest stories of the year.  Mitchell and I are joined by none other than Mike Rothman in then discussing these stories.  In addition to Mike Rothman, Mitchell and I, you can hear:Rothman

  1. Martin McKeay from Network Security Podcast and blog
  2. Michael Farnum from Information Security Place
  3. Perry Carpenter from Security Rennessance blog
  4. Ravi Char from Musings on Information Security
  5. Larry Pesce from Paul Dot Com
  6. AndyIT Guy from Andy ITGuy blog
  7. Michael from MCW Research
  8. Mike Murray from epistome.ca blog
  9. Dan York from Blue Box VOIP podcast and blog

Unfortunately, I recorded this from the road over the holidays and the sound engineering is less than the best.  There was something wrong with my microphone that was clicking and the remix did not come out as good as I would like.  I may upload a newly mixed copy over the New Years holiday.

Happy New Year to everyone!

We hope you enjoy the show and please send any questions, comments or suggestions to us at podcast@stillsecure.com.

Thanks to ClickCaster for hosting our podcast. Tonights music is the usual, To the Summit by Jon Schmidt. You can hear more from Jon at http://www.jonschmidt.com.

Icon_enclosure_music_7 http://clickcaster.com/resource/audio/stillsecure-after-all-these-years-podcast-26.mp3


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