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January 23, 2007

StillSecure, After all these years, Podcast #28 - Jeremiah Grossman, CTO of White Hat Security

Episode 28 of StillSecure, After all these years features special guest Jeremiah Grossman, CTO and founder of White Hat Security, one of the leading application vulnerability vendors and a well known security expert.  Jeremiah tells us all about his background, what White Hat is about and talks about the current state of application vulnerability management. In addition:

The Converging Minute has Mitchell discussing the iPhone and some of it applicability to network convergence.

This Week in Security features:

  1. The data theft at TJX stores
  2. Cisco's possible GPL violation
  3. Veracode and secure code development
  4. Strata Guards visionary placement in the IPS Magic Quadrant

We hope you enjoy the show and please send any questions, comments or suggestions to us at podcast@stillsecure.com

Thanks to ClickCaster for hosting our podcast. Tonights music is the usual, To the Summit by Jon Schmidt. You can hear more from Jon at  http://www.jonschmidt.com.  Music transitions between segments are by our own Mitchell Ashley!



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