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February 07, 2007

Has the security industry outgrown booth babes?

Alan_and_bb_1 So RSA was a circus today.  It is bigger and better than ever.  What else was great was walking around the floor with Mitchell.  We were blown away by how many people recognized us from our blogs and podcast.  It was flattering to say the least.  However, one thing I did not like was that some companies still think the way to sell security and get people to come to your booth is by exploiting women. Hiring booth babes and dressing them in skimpy outfits to appeal to the nerdy computer geeks, who would never get the time of day from girls like these, is degrading and has no place in our business.Mitchell_and_bb

Now I am no prude and realize that sex sells.  However, there is a time and place for it and the security industry trade shows are not it.  I find it debasing and exploitative of the women involved.  It is also disrespectful to the intelligence of the show attendees who are here to find out about security.  I think it is also incredibly disrespectful to the legitimate women working at these companies. What message is being sent here? What is the connection between scantily clad women and security?  None, that I can see.  This is so 1970's, it is an embarrassment to us all. I think the marketing people at these events should get with the program and realize it is more than just not PC to have booth babes, it is not the image that a competent security company wants to project and is bad for business.  I have put up some pictures Mitchell and I took at the show today showing what I mean.  Also, one female security professional I spoke to said, the fact there are no men booth babes (is there such a thing?) makes it even worse.

Bb For my part, I say booth babes are sleazy marketing at its worse and should not have a place at our table.


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