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February 23, 2007

You meet the most interesting people blogging

One of the things I love about blogging is the new people I meet through my blog.  A really cool thing is that they come from all over the world. Now I am no Brad Feld, going out for random dinners with people who read my blog, though I would like to do that someday (BTW, in finding this article on Brad's blog to read, the Lijit search feature he has is really good, I am going to put it on my blog too. They also power the Security Bloggers Network search.  Check Lijit out if you get a chance). 

Anyway, back to our story, I received a comment from South Africa today from an Allen Baranov.  Allen is a CISSP for a large organization (they call it organisation down there).  Allen recently started a blog called Security Thoughts. He is just getting started, but I am looking forward to some good insights from my new friend in South Africa (even if he is leaning towards Cisco's NAC).  Good Luck Allen!


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