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April 01, 2007

Are UTM's becoming a feature not a market . . .

Marketfeature One good turn deserves another. So let me flip it on you Hoff.  What am I talking about you ask?  My bud Hoff was looking to yank my tail with a recent article wherein the esteemed wizard of Boxborough, lists a dirty dozen of security technologies that he "reckons" (I love it when Chris does cowboy schtick. In my best John Wayne voice, You got it Pilgrim) are doomed to become features and not markets.  First of all Chris I am not sure if markets is the right word, I think of what you are describing as stand alone products.  I think there will still be a market for NAC or some of the others you mentioned, you may just not buy them by themselves.  Their presence or absence in a network device or other multi-function device however could cause you to buy or not buy that device. 

There is one important security technology that you left off the list, Chris.  UTM is headed for the feature pile as well. The day is rapidly coming when people will ask why would they buy a box that all it does is a bunch of security stuff.  If it is going to live on the network, why would the network stuff not be on there too or the security stuff on the network box. That is what Mitchell has been talking about in terms of what we are doing and we are going to go public Monday.  Check back then to see the first small step in the leap of UTM's becoming a feature of Unified Network Platforms.  Putting multiple applications on one box was a great idea.  The UTM people have taken it to a good point, but progress stops for no one.  Chris, as Lee Iaccoca said, lead, follow or get out of the way.

Hey don't worry, if NAC is going to be a feature does not freak me out, UTM becoming a feature will not freak you out either.  But if you decide to ride the next wave, you know we are partial to hiring people who blog ;-)


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