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September 24, 2007

Laid back NAC - Safe Access Lite- NAC without quarantine

Salite_logo_small Today over at StillSecure we announced the release of Safe Access Lite. Borrowing (or stealing) the description that an analyst I spoke to called it, it is "laid back NAC".  What we are offering with Safe Access Lite is a free means of finding out who is getting on your network and what their machine posture is.  What it does not offer is quarantine enforcement for people who fail policy checks.  We think that this is a great first step in anyone looking to implement NAC. First put in a program that will see what devices are coming on the network and what their posture is. For those who are looking for no more than that, hey today is your lucky day, you get it for free. For those who then want to build policies to enforce based upon your findings, you can upgrade to our regular Safe Access product or for that matter use another NAC solution.

You can download Safe Access Lite here. It runs in the free VMWare player as well. It is free, but not open sourced. We think there is a big part of the NAC market whose needs will be satisfied by SA Lite.  It will be interesting to see what people say and do.  If you have any comments on SA Lite, drop me a line or leave a comment. 


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