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January 30, 2008

A golden nugget of a security blog

A couple of weeks ago I followed a link and wound up on a blog called Security Uncorked, JJ's complete unofficial guide to Infosec.  Though it was a fairly new blog, the person writing it obviously was a pretty hands on security practitioner who knew what they were doing and was doing a good job of writing about it. with some good tips and tricks.  Further investigation revealed that the blog belonged to Jennifer Jabbusch. I don't know a lot about Jennifer other than what she has up on the blog, but she is obviously very deeply involved in nuts and bolts information security and has a great writing style.

The first thing I did was contact her about joining the Security Bloggers Network, which she promptly did.  I thought she was an excellent addition to the network. Since then I follow her blog and though she doesn't write often enough, her articles are quality work.  I hope to have her as a guest on the podcast soon.  But I wanted to call this blog out to all of you to check out, it is good stuff.


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