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September 17, 2008

Hey, it can happen to anyone ;-)

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin - the next VP?

I had to at least smile reading this article by Ryan Naraine in ZD Net today. It seems that private email account that Sarah Palin was using to conduct State of Alaska business was in fact her own Yahoo mail account.  Today some group of anonymous hackers broke into and posted Governor Palin's emails.  After what I have been through all I can say is, it can happen to anyone ;-)

In case anyone from Mrs. Palin's office is interested, I am willing to come up to Alaska and help them deal with getting their Yahoo account back under control.  It could take a few days. Also let me recommend a good password manager and upgrading the strength of all of your passwords.  Moose would probably not be a good password, but m00$e might be better for instance.  Also I would change the ebay password before someone buys back that state owned jet ;-)

I guess it is a lucky thing John McCain doesn't do computers and email.

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