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October 23, 2008

NAC of the living dead

night of the living dead It is not often I admit I was wrong, but mark this one down, I was wrong. The other day I blogged on McAfee bringing out a stone age NAC.  I could not believe that McAfee would actually show any innovation themselves and develop a product instead of buying one.  OK, so the product looked like it was 2 to 3 years behind the state-of-the-art NAC products. It was NAC for cavemen, but at least they tried.  But I should have known better.  Todd over at Napera left a comment on my post, pointing to a post on his Napera blog. Todd says that the McAfee NAC product is actually based on the stinking, rotting corpse (wait, where have I heard that before) of the Lockdown Networks NAC! I should have known those bold innovators over there would not actually develop their own product.

So McAfee is trying to raise a NAC zombie.  With maybe a little voodoo do they think the Lockdown technology which did not scale, did not test well, had problems with different switches and had all kinds of other issues will now be any better? The Lockdown technology was so bad that they had to close down in the middle of the night because they couldn't find anyone to take it.  After rigor mortis set in, evidently the McAfee folks came by like the invasion of the body snatchers to quietly grab the IP and have tried to resurrect it again. Guys it didn't work the first time, it ain't going to work the second time!  Stop trying to play George Romero and let the dead rest in peace.

I guess I should breathe easier. I actually though McAfee might come out with something competitive! In the meantime it should be interesting to see what happens when they actually try to get this to work at some of their customers.

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