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November 14, 2008

What happened to the Security Bloggers Network feed? It was assimilated

queen For those of you wondering what happened to the Security Bloggers Network feed, let me explain.  Feedburner's new masters, the Google collective decided in their collective wisdom (or perhaps it was just the Google Queen) that blogger networks were not going to be part of the plan going forward.  I had heard of this decision some time ago but had asked first for reconsideration and then for special consideration. But you all know that with the Google-plex collective resistance is futile. 

So with my blog feed being switched over to the new Google infrastructure, my own blog is not listed on the html page for the SBN and the SBN feed is not running right now I believe.  But not to worry.  The SBN has come too far to suffer such an assimilation.

I have been working with another company that I can't mention today. They already work very closely with Feedburner and Google.  They and I are already talking about the new home of SBN. We will be taking the existing spliced feed and giving it a new home, bigger and better than ever. You may just have to subscribe to the new feed. There will be some cool new features around it and more for both bloggers and readers. I should know more after the weekend and will announce it to everyone. Until than you may have to hunt down your favorite security bloggers one by one. Or you can look for us for now by finding Unimatrix Zero.

Authors note: It appears that even my old feed address is not working, so you may have to subscribe to the new feed address.  Sorry for the inconvenience. Subscribe in a reader


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