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June 28, 2006


Christofer Hoff

You're right, Alan, I *would* mention that, wouldn't I? ;)

However, one slight point of clarity: the value prop of what Crossbeam does isn't just offering "best of breed" software on a generic hardware platform. Anyone can do that.

The value is specifcally building an architecture that provides performance, virtualization, consolidation and high availability that nobody else does. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it and companies like Symantec (and wait until you see who's coming next...) are exiting the hardware business.

Anyways, nice post as usual. I have a larger response here:




I think Crossbeam did themselves a disfavor trying to align with the UTM market, which after all is a figment of IDC's imagination. In my mind Crossbeam serves the high end of managad, redundant, HA: security blade servers. They *do* support best-of-breed. But there selling point is not the budling of all-in-one, it is a reliable chassis for best-of-breed security products.


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